Friday, June 15, 2007


Yep, Sara (and anyone else), I can make you a header like this if you email me the photos you want in it.

Busy day, great pix to post, trying to find time to do it. I sewed like a crazy woman this morning and then it seems I was in the kitchen/wrestling kids most of the afternoon wiht the lunch, the cleaning and the dinner-making (turkey burgers on homemade buns with spinach-arugula-strawberry salad...thaz what I'm talkin' about!)

Uncle Sam, here is a link and here is another to the blog discussion about The Secret. There are some good points made here, too, although I find the whole thing to be benign--I think it could bring people closer to truth if they'd be willing to take the leap and call it "Faith" and call the Universe "God." I haven't watched the movie, but what I have read and seen is a lot like what we teach theYoung Women in the Divine Nature and Individual Worth values, and like the special Zone conference we once had called "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven." Afterall, Happiness is the object and design of our existence and will be the end thereof if we follow the path that leads to it. Or something like that.

I'mgonna follow the path to my bed. Tomorrow I am going to post some video instructions for Gram & Gramp to learn to blog. I know you can do it, and I bet Google will send you a trophy for being two of the oldest bloggers--my techie G'rents! Love you ALL!--JM

PS: Happy Birthday Couisn Dave! Check out the adorable tribute on Lacy's blog today!

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The Hamlin Family said...

Thanks Jamie,

I will email you the Pictures soon.
Love you.