Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elrey Boys

Sam got to join up with Grandpa, Uncle Matt, Uncle Sam and Cousin Bill for priesthood session. They all looked so cute I just had to take this picture!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Visit to Logan

The Logan Tabernacle Grandma Jaynes' marker
Logan Temple

The soda fountain in the Bluebird
Just wanted to share the pics we took in Logan. I really wanted to stop by the cemetery and see Grandma Jayne, it has been a long time since I was there.
We also stopped at the Bluebird Cafe and had lunch before we hit the road again. Conference was wonderful and seeing all of our Utards was great. We had a super trip and we are happy we did it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

We have experienced the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father these last two weeks. Spring break took Scott, Steven, Ralph and I to Calif. We went through PHX. to purchase mission clothing and things. WE drove to Six Flags Magic Mt. and spent 11 hours with roller coasters galore. So fun. Scott and Steve were running until the very last minute. WE then drove to LA and spent the night near UCLA. In the morning the boys went and ran on UCLA's track and Ralph and Scott did Stadium steps. Scott, Ralph and I did sealings in the LA Temple. It was so sweet. Ralph and I were sealed there 33 going on 34 years this DEC. Our sealer was a decendant of Philemon Merrill who settled St. David, Az. Scott was able to be husband and son in these sacred ordinences.
Back to Tempe/Mesa to pick up Scotts suits and attend the Mesa Temple's Easter pagent. Scott was able to see his Coach, David Barney and family, Eric Heryson, Jermey, Matt, and Emily from his Cross Country team at Paridise Valley Community College. Sam and Kristen found us too. It was beautiful and it really helped bring the true spirit of the Easter season.
Home to SV. We had two new water heaters put in on Friday. All our kids started arriving Friday night. Brent suprised us by showing up Sat. evening. We were looking forward to seeing him in Utah when we took Scott to the MTC. Scott ,Abenadi Flores and Clarissa King spoke in Church Easter Sunday. Scott used the missionarty skills as he challenged us to serve others and then commited us to do something. Scott was set apart as a missionary by Pres. Kevin Goates. He is our former Bishop and is our neighbor. He invited Grandpa Bill Elrey and Ralph to stand in the circle. It was very tender as we had all our children together and Scotts' friend, Clayton Griggs and our Abenadi with us. Ralph's brother Young and his wife Susan were there also GramaLyn too.
We left for Provo, Utah Mondaymorning. WE did stop at the dam and throw an orange around. It was so different than when we took Kevin up. It was just Ralph and I and Scott. So we laughed at our attempt to follow tradition and play pickle. We got into Provo around 10:30 pm. We stayed at the Hampton Inn @I 15 and University Park Way. Tuesday we got up and went to SLC. We attended Temple session ther and enjoyed that beautiful Temple. WE were able to go to the roof of the Confrence Center and learn about the incredable engineering that took place in building that building. We met up with Brent, Dave, Steve, Lacy and Sweet Pea back in Provo and went to Cafe Rio for dinner. To target for last minute items and back to the Hotel to Sleep. (of which there was very little)

Wed. Morning we arose early and got things ready. Brent came over early and helped Scott
repack his bags. It was really tender to watch Brent, Dave and Steve just hover around Scott and make sure he had every thing. Very sweet. THE BRICK OVEN . What can I say. I love this place. Great memories of our last meal with our missionaries. WE had fun! Then off to the MTC and that wonderful experince of being hit by a tidal wave of the spirit. Amazing. Scott never looked back. He hugged us and kissed us goodbye and that was that.
We have received his first letter written on the 27th the day after we dropped him off. He is well and is the Senior companion and is happy. Thats all he said and we are happy to know that. Thanks for letting me ramble about this great experience in our lives. I love you and I hope that you can feel the love I have for you as my family.

WE must be the happiest people on earth! WE have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am overwhelmed at the tremendous blessings that our Heavenly Father has given us to enable us to return to Him. Embrace the gospel and let it enrich your lives. I stand all amazed!!!! Love You so Much !!!!