Thursday, June 14, 2007

Um...You got a little somethin on your dashboard.

A new Blog! Excellent idea I say ol' chaps! I lllllike it! The Post family's tip for the summer is to spend it outdoors! When you live in temperatures that range mostly from 25 to -25 degrees for the majority of the year you tend to start out every morning that begins in the 40s screaming "WOOOOOO WHOOOOO! It's warm out!" It's a predicament really because although you would rather be out in the sun and all it's glory you end up in the car for 12 hours at a time going to visit family since you have a very limited 3 month period where the roads are thawed. Then istead of getting that golden-all-over tan you've been hoping for all winter you end up with that half arm-out-the-window sunburn.

So! Enjoy it while it lasts! Hike, camp, garden, bike, walk whatever you do and however you do it, get it done!



The Hamlin Family said...

I agree, while it is warm get out and play in the water. have some fun this summer because before you know it there will be 2 feet of snow in your yard again. Love ya

AuntieM said...

Hey Posties, We are so happy that Matt returned Healthy and it looks like happy. Our prayers have been answered. We are putting in our garden.. all the vine plants. water mellon, pumpkins etc... We love you so much. Hold to the Iron Rod with both hands.... SWAK Auntie M