Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Trunk of Our Tree

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Bill!

It has been a busy day full of service and chores and family fun, and now I am working at the hotel, hoping you've had a wonderful day. Even though we didn't get to call you today, I hope you know we were busy doing things you could be proud of.

On my way to work I was listening to the radio (Saturday is my favorite day on NPR: Car Talk, Wait-Wait-Don't-Tell-Me, This American Life, Midnight Special, Prairie Home Companion, All Things Considered Weekend Edition, and The Thistle & Shamrock). I heard the most beautiful song on the "Family Folk" edition of Midnight Special. It brought tears to my eyes and I looked it up when I got here. Even though it's about expecting a baby, it reminded me of my whole family tree, all of us branches and sprouts, and you, the trunk...and all the things we've handed down.


The Things We've Handed Down
by Marc Cohn (performed by John Gorka)

Don't know much about you

Don't know who you are

We've been doing fine without you

But, we could only go so far

Don't know why you chose us

Were you watching from above

Is there someone there that knows us

Said we'd give you all our love?

Will you laugh just like your mother

Will you sigh like your old man

Will some things skip a generation

Like I've heard they often can

Are you a poet or a dancer

A devil or a clown

Or a strange new combination of

The things we've handed down

I wonder who you'll look like

Will your hair fall down and curl

Will you be a mama's boy

Or daddy's little girl

Will you be a sad reminder

Of what's been lost along the way

Maybe you can help me find her

In the things you do and say

And these things that we have given you

They are not so easily found

But you can thank us later

For the things we've handed down

You may not always be so grateful

For the way that you were made

Some feature of your father's

That you'd gladly sell or trade

And one day you may look at us

And say that you were cursed

But over time that line has been

Extremely well rehearsed

By our fathers, and their fathers

In some old and distant town

From places no one here remembers

Come the things we've handed down.


Thank you for all the good things you have handed down to me and now my children. We feel so blessed and we're all so glad you were born!

Love, The Melins

Heidi's face in this picture just kills me everytime I look at it...that's how I feel everytime I hug my Papa!

I am so happy that my kids will always remember picking oranges with Papa Bill!

For months we waited for James to smile again the way he smiled for Great Grandpa and Grandma when he was only a month old. Grandpa was always the Baby Whisperer!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

adios, scott!

Just like at Prom, except instead of a pink carnation, Marti got to pin on a missionary name tag!

Elder Scott Mayberry, just before going through the portal...see Brent's blog for the mailing address.

"This is the last time you'll eat delicious pizza for two years!" Oh, wait. He's going to Jersey! Come on, we're all jealous of the pizza that awaits Scott there!

Best of luck, BIL!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's that you say?

Dad has a bright idea! teehee!

Things have detiorated here....we're so bored we've taken to using the ear candles to entertain ourselves! Seriously, we went out to breakfast after the kids went to school, and then went to Mike's Drugs and bought ear candles. Mom and Dad have never used them was fun to see their reaction to the goo that came out of their (previously believed to be clean) ears. They are anxious to get home to the warm dry desert......They have had enough of the cold and rain......I will miss them terribly, we have had a wonderful time together.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The best day ever!

The Lewis and Clark valley from the cemetery
Gramp and Abby and that beautiful old tree
The falls on the Youngs River
The Pier at Astoria
This Carl Fredricks marker
These are children, one only lived one day and the other was 14

Gramp and Marshall playing "One eyed Willy"
Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock and the little geeks
The beach at Seaside

Today we went to Cannon Beach, Seaside and Astoria. We founf the Lewis and Clark Cemetery and some of the Harders. We found the Falls on Youngs River, and the Lewis and Clark Valley where the Harder farm was, we have to go back to find the farm, but we know the general area. It was just such a rush to find them! Dad was excited too. Here are pics from today.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey, my beautiful family! I've set up a family tree for us at I'd love for you to join me there and help the tree grow. You can post pictures, add ancestors to the tree, keep one another informed about what's going short, all kinds of good stuff is there.

If you want an invite, send me an email: brentito at gmail dawt kom.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trip to Vancouver

Yea! Hot chocolate, we were cold! It was in the 40's and rainy........not good for desert folk!

In the mosilium at Charles and Lou Elreys' vault. Mary and Jesus at The Meditation Chapel in the Grotto
In the Grotto, outside the Meditation Chapel
At Vista House lookout, in the Gorge. Mom didn't want to get out of the car.
La Tourelle Falls in the Gorge

Helloooooooooooooo to everyone. Mom and Dad are here in Vancouver. We have been out scouting around. We went to the cemetery today, also the Grotto and the Falls. That stuff is all close and we could get back home before the kids got out of school. When we go to Astoria we'll have to take them with. So here some pics of today.