Friday, June 22, 2007


This past week we have had the privilage of having Ryley staying with us. What a riot!!!! You really have to be on your toes when Ry is around. She is 4(as of May 19th) and she has the reasoning power of a 30 yr old. We had so much fun with her. We went to the pool , the movies, rode the horses ,baked cookies, colored, painted, sang silly songs and told many a blanket show story. Scott and Steve were the official roll Ry in a blanket and swing her go to guys. It was never enough.... My hat is off to Kate for being such an awesome Mom and knowing the needs of each of her children. We loved having Ry and hope she had a good experience. Maren was able to have her play for a few hrs. on Monday. She was saying wow is that what I have to look forward to... Ryley is a busy girl. She wants to live life all at once. She doesn't want to miss a thing.
We are looking forward to going to the Temple tomorrow. It has bee a while sence I have been able to go and I am really looking forward to being at peace for those few hrs. Scott is working at a pick it yourself farm in Palominas. He works from 6-11 M-F. He then rests for a while and then does his 12 mile run for his running scholarship. He is amazing. Steve is being our scholar this summer. He is taking summer school and is almost finished with the first sesson. Next sesson he will be taking two classes. One at school and one on line. Sooo the garden is growing and we have two whole tomatoes coming on. Sometimes I feel like gardening in Az. is just a jolk. Then I look across the street at the Haymores garden and know I am so wrong. It will be fun to wait and see what we get out of our labors. Love you all and Pray all is well with your families and with you. Auntie M

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Jamie said...

Just remember the water! Lots of water! You've got plenty of sun!!! Have you tried the square-foot gardening? Heidi Buchert-Egan used to teach it and it's so cool! She always grew plenty of food for her family, even on their BYU family-housing-stoop! It's the soil mix that works wonders, I think--you should google it. I am still in awe when we plant seeds and then eat what grows two or three months later. I used the herbs we planted from seed on Mother's Day thispast week in a pasta sauce--AMAZING to this Arizona girl! Water+soil+sun=good stuff!