Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valenhearts Day!!!

To my dear family, Happy valentines day! You are all such wonderful people and I am lucky to get to know you and love you! Have the best day with your loved ones, Tell 'em you love 'em! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST!

Monday, February 11, 2008

more Temple pics

We found this headstone in the old county cemetery, it says Larkin on it.

The temple grounds.

Our Day off

You can see Moroni through the glass roof of the atrium

This atrium is inside on the ground floor, by the recommend desk, and by the waiting room and the lobby. It is a perfect place for pictures.

Today we did no sleuthing, we did service. While looking for our deceased relatives is a good thing, doing their temple work for them is even better. So we went to the temple with Pam Rigby, from my ward and took 2 of her family names through for her. The Portland temple is beautiful and the same floor plan as San Diego.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Watch and Discuss

So my friend here in my ward sent me this you tube link today and asked if I had seen it. I watched it--I hadn't seen it before, but I have heard the theories in part from Uncle Sam and Tom Hapgood (who used to keep a blog tracking the use f RFID technology--freaky stuff). What do all y'all think? Uncle Sam, I don't have your current email address, or I would have asked you about it directly. It's from a movie--has anyone seen it?

None of this conspiracy surprises me, but makes me more thankful each day for a prophet, who will always warn and forewarn us of anything that encroaches on our agency or on Heavenly Father's plan, if only we pay attention (get out of debt and emergency preparedness and feed your spirit). More and more I feel the desire to follow, to listen and have the faith to do the things that will keep us safe. Like President Kimball said, "in this there is safety and peace."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Olympia and Renton

Abby being cool
Water, water, everywhere!!
Our chaperones for the day
Marti and a big driftwood
Tolme State Park, with a beach
This is by the capitol in Olympia, it is taken from Descheutes Rd.
Jimi Hendrix memorial in Greenwood Cemetery

This is the house that Roy and Peggy lived in at some point. 13301 Fairwood St. Renton, Wa.
This is a mossy and ferny tree

This is the capitol building in Olympia, very pretty!
This is honoring the men in the service, with a guardian angel
Peg didn;t die until 2000, but the date isn't on the marker yet.
This is the monument in the center of where they are buried, Holly Garden.
Guess who else is there?....Jimi Hendrix!

Here is the report of the 5th day. We drove to Renton and found Roy and Peg, they are together in Greenwood Cemetery in Renton. We found one house that we had an address for. So here are the pics........We also went to an address in Kent, possibly Susan Elreys' place. We called a number for Robert and were told to call tomorrow for him. So we will. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

report of the 3rd day

This is the view up the street, 37th ave.

The houses in this neighborhood are really cute, very well cared for .

We went to the records office and they don't have records for us to search....but we found Uncle Charles' house. We weren't dyslexic, there was a mis print in the obit, but we read the other paper and found the address typed right it is really 3103 NE 37th Ave. so there ya go.

Monday, February 4, 2008


You know that bridge to nowhere? We almost drove across it.

Some of the ships we saw in the river, harbor, marina, whatever it is......
Lewis and Clark on a bus.

This is the First Presbyterian church in Astoria
I thought this window in the church was pretty. This is Fort Astoria

This is the door to the city hall where you pay your water bill and parking tickets, no we didn't get one.

Marti and Lyndi reporting

We are reporting our trip to Astoria. A very cute little town. The library and the historical society were closed today, however we did find out that the records are in Portland :) I can't get the pictures to go up....I'll try again later, blogspot is being retarded.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleuthing with Lyndi and Marti

This is the house at 905 NE 78th Ave. in Portland

This is through the door, that was locked, because we were too late to get in.....

We found Great Grandpa Charles and Grandma Mary Elreys' house in Portland, we found Charles and Louella in the same cemetary, except they are in a crypt in the back. We looked for their house, and found the street, but the number didn't exist, so there is something not right in the information. We are having the best time ever!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recent doings of Bill and Lynn

Here are some pictures of Maren's babyshower and a couple of shots of Uncle Sam without the mustache.