Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well what a good idea.

At first I ignored the notice thinking it was a bit of uncooked spam. Mom and Dad asked if I'd seen it and said that it was real. So here I am now joing the fray.

Not much to say at this point other than to recommend that all who read this go to
The Secret .tv web site and get a copy of the video and watch it 10 times. It will change your life if you use it.

Love to all. Stay out of trouble and carry on.

Uncle Sam.....


Jamie said...

Have you been watching Oprah, Uncle Sam? Hey, hey...I;m glad you checked that uncooked Spam! We're grillin' it up ovah here--welcome to the blogosphere! XOXOJamie

Laura said...

I love you Uncle Sam! Miss you tons.

AuntieM said...

Hey big Bro., So happy to see you have jumped in to the big middle. How are you doing? I love you so much and appreciate you example and your strength to push forward and do what you love.. Write a little more next time will ya? Auntie M