Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Dad/Grand Dads

My most tender memories are of Dad/grandpa Bill giving me blessings. I guess I needed a heck of a lot of them when I was little because I remember how safe I felt when dad would pronounce a blessing when I was sick, starting school,being insecure and needing comfort, just about any and all reasons and Dad gave me a blessing. Last June when I was in rehab mom and dad came everyday to visit me. They had spent the last two weeks at my bedside sence Ariel had sat on me. It was Monday evening and they came for FHE. WE shared our favorite scripture, that being 3rdNephi 17. It was sweet how we had our own special part in this chapter that touched us. I was so impatient with the Lord in not healing me. I knew that if I could just touch the Hem of His robe that I would be healed. Dad in his most wise and loving tone asked if I wanted a blessing. I said, I did. I don't remember everything he said but the part I do remember is that I was blessed to withstand the natural process of healing. Over this past year I have cried many times in frustration with the limits of my body. The sweet memory comes of that blessing. I can withstand the tenents of the natural process of healing. It is slow and pain is a demanding taskmaster, but I know that Heavenly Father is so very aware of my limits and my strengths. He has blessed me with a loving ,worthy priesthood holder as an earthly father and I am so very humble and grateful for this great gift.
Grandpa Dy, what a character. He was the meanest son of a gun... Always pinching us ,telling us we have the thickest shirts of shorts on.. He would always fuss at us when we told him that smoking wasn't good for him ,"damn Mormon kids... but with a smile.. He reenforced the importance of Integrity. You were nothing if you had no integrity. Being honest was very important to him. He let you know if you disapointed him. He always forgave you if you were sincere in you apology. He was a tender man and I know that he loved gram so much. They sure could fuss at eachother. lol I miss them so much. They sure would be so proud of you grandkids. You are great people .
Dad Thanks of loving our mother. That is the single thing that has given me the desire to want to live the gosple. Yours and moms love for eachother. The way you honor and respect eachother is such a tended blessing in my life. I hope I can become as tender a companion to Ralph as you are to eachother. Tons of love Daddyboy.
Grandpa Art was what can I say, I don't know, he was not hard but tough. He was a merchant Marine and you could feel his strength. He loved teaching us to fish,and play cards... Oh the hours we all (the Clark cousins and us ) stood on the banks of the East Verde River and caught trout. He would go from one kid to the next taking hooks out and putting bate on. He taught us to clean and gut our own fish and how proud we were to take them up to Florine for her to cook. Playing 21 taught us to add. We had to be quick or Grandpa would encourage us to think faster. I'm sad we never had the experience of taking our kids to the cabin and letting them roast a marshmellow around Smokey Joe, ride a wagon down the drive way, get tucked into the hammock and get swung all the way around, climb the tree house, and just enjoy the beauties of seeing the beautiful place that Grandpa created with is own hands. One of his last earthly bits of instructions to Brent, Kev, and David was to teach them how to ask for more to drink.... It was not the Please may I have more juice... It was, Real men don't ask like that! They pound their cups on the bar or table and let the waiter know their ready for more.... I didn't try to change the kids to much because it wasn't long after that Grandpa died. Love you all. Auntie M

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Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Auntie M! This is a priceless piece of personal and family history, which is what I hoped this blog would (at least in part) become! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, especially the details of the cabin and your cousin camps! That is very much what Papa Tom wants the ranch to be for our family, and I can already feel the memories building, making the beacn and the fire pit, the apple orcahrd and the tree swing part of who my kids are, and the way that they will remember their Grandpa Melin's love for them. I think I will share this post with him! I lvoe you, Auntie, and I can't wait for your visit!