Saturday, June 16, 2007

Activity Day

I work in the Primary as an assistant Activity Day leader. I have an opportunity to work with girls 8-11yrs old. This is my 4th or 5th time to do this calling. I have so much fun with these little girls. I try to not be the grandma, but I am. The other leaders are young mothers with 5-6 kids each who home school. Go figure. I am so anti home school that I don't even go there when the coversation comes up. Any way this week we went to the "music under the stars" at the city park. It was fun because it was the High School show band and they were great. The only problem was that the girls were more interested in the park itself. So the leaders enjoyed the concert and the girls towards the end enjoyed the park. perfect weather and a gorgious sunset.
Ralph and theboys(Scott and Steve) are doing our big garden to day. We have what I call a Lady's garden in the back yard. It has flowers and grape vines and tomatoes,squash,greenbeans,and eggplant. Now we are planting watermellon,cantalope, pumpkins and corn. Pres. Kimballs instruction to plant as much of your land asyou can has scared me a little. I don't have water to care for the two acres we could plant. So we are doing a little bit and enjoying the fruits of our labors. We ate the one and only plum off our year old plum tree today. Ralph and I shared it. The peach tree is full and our Fuji Apple tree is over loaded. I love it. Well I'll let you go. I have to finish the laundry. Thanks to every one who are leaving notes they are the best. Aunti M

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