Thursday, October 30, 2008

The latest news

At the Grotto

This is how it looks around here

This the trees on SE Edmunds and 39th st Abby's last game

Picking up Cody

Hi everyone, I thought I would give you an update, those of you that I don't talk to on a regular basis.......just want you all to know that I love you beyond measure and I am eternally grateful for you. I have a PET-scan scheduled on Nov. 6th, I see Dr. Simon on the 14th, then if things are still clear I will have my port taken out. I am still tired from radiation, but it's over and I will be ok. I am finally growing some hair! Life is good!
Mark is finally finished with SLave-A-Lot.....we are looking for a job in this area, we love it here. He has talked to a few places and sent a few resumes in. I know that the right job will come along. I know that the Lord is watching out for us, all we have to do is keep the commandments.
Hello everyone, I want let everyone know that I appreciate all of your prayers, support and love. It is a blessing that Lyndi is ok and doing well. I will be turning in my car and stuff Friday, it will be over. My dad coined the new name for SAL when he was out here that Lyndi mentioned above. My friend at the office in St. Louis thought it was pretty funny and replied " the word is out". It feels pretty strange looking for a job, this will be the third time I have actually searched for a job. Cody just got home from his first day at school and seemed pretty excited, not. He said he made some friends today, mostly the other gender. He has a little homework and starts his on-line class tomorrow. Mark

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Familia...

You simply MUST read THIS and let Meeky know how much we love him!

Happy Birthday to Willy, Meeky, and Michael this week... (and Jill last Saturday). Having this many cool peeps born in one week makes you think there might be something to astrology, no? Heh, heh....

Love, Jamie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hola Elrey Clan

It's been forever since we said howdy on the family site, so here are a couple of recent pix for y'all... Here's Addie, Heidi, and James on 10/2 with some of the treats we brought from Europe. The girls are wearing liebekuken (?) cookies from Octoberfest; Addie has a castle pendant; Heidi & James have Bavaria Tshirts, and Bub has a British taxi, Cooper Mini, and!
Here we are on London Bridge on the last day of our trip (9/30)...
"Look, kids--Big Ben, Parliament!"
This is a little church in Wurzburg, Germany, where Richard was born. It is a depiction of the Annunciation that really cracked us up. If you look closely (click to enlarge), God teh Father is sending a tiny baby Jesus into Mary's EAR. Hm...I bet you always wondered how the immaculate conception happened, and now you know!
Happy Fall, Y'all! We are all well and enjoying our favorite season in Livingston. It's so beautiful and we'd like to remind all of you that you are welcome to visit ANYTIME!
Love, The Melins in Montana

Monday, October 6, 2008


Here we are in Mexico enjoying perfect everything. We are on the balcony looking at the moon's reflection on Cholla Bay. The breeze is pleasent and we are enjoying great conversation with Brent,Maren,Ralph and I.The babies are sleeping and we are ready to turn our selves. We had lunch at Flavio's in Rocky Point and the little girls had so much fun dancing to the music. Fun! Love You So Much. Marti