Thursday, July 12, 2007

What freedom?

As we enjoyed the Fourth of July and thought about our blessed heritage, I was saddened to realize that we are way too complacent in regard to our freedom. As the self serving elected officials at every level slowly erode what we call freedom we just happily go about our lives hoping that the next goober we elect will be better. Well, they won't.

We need to make it clear to these elitists that we demand proper representation. We need to assert our constitutional rights whenever we can. We need to make it known that we are over taxed and over regulated. The idiot Democrats will raise all the taxes they can get away with. We need to stand against them and make our voices heard. Try refusing to voluntarily self asses next tax season and see how free you are.

Why do they get away with undermining our troops that they sent in harm's way? Why do they get away with lying to the American people about progress in both Iraq and Afganestan? Why do they get away with calling our troops murders and worse?

Any how, I feel a little better now. Got that off my flabby chest.

Be grateful for this blessed country and send e-mails to all those knuckleheads in Washington that are helping to embolden the enemy and weaken our security here at home.


Misery Loves Company said...

Hear!Hear! My Brutha! I totally agree....I am so sick of those self-serving, lying, suck-up politicians. I have been listening to talk radio since the 2000 election, pretty much that's all I ever have on in the car and in my kitchen...I only watch fox news, which sometimes is as bad as the network news..i.e. the Anna Nicole debacle. Anyway I wrote a smoking letter to the RNC the last time they wanted money from me....I am sick of it all. LOve ya!!!

Jamie said...

Uncle Sam, did you see my comment on your last post re: the immigration bill? Can you explain why sentors don't have a term limit and why we shouldn't move to create a term limit? And what are the best organizations--watchdogs, I suppose--to join to keep up with representative accountability? I feel motivated about certain issues, especially the basic structural flaws (like term limits and lobbying, bribery, etc), but I also have faith that the constitution will serve us until Jesus comes.

Jamie said...

Can you explain why I can't type words I know full-well how to spell? ;) I can, in three words: ZERO KINETIC INTELLIGENCE.