Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey Out There!!

Hey family and friends!!

This past Saturday we got one of our Investigators married and Baptized. It was such an incredible experience. This is the second time i have gotten someone married on my mission. It is a lot of fun. It is so amazing the Blessings that comes when we are Obedient to all the Commandments!! Just to let you all know, Amy, our sister, Has a blog. If you go to Mom's blog and click on Amy's you can see it and leave comments. Hope all is well for everyone. Will update more next week. Love Elder Drews

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Jamie said...

Great news, Mike! It's so good to hear form you, and from Amy! I will tell her to e-mail me--I sent her an invite to write on this blog but it bounced. I love andmiss you both! Keep up the good work and finish strong--remember:two years to do it, forever to think about it! Be sure you have something good to think about and a clear conscience so you can ROCK the rest of your life! Love you!--MAJ