Sunday, July 8, 2007

Amazing Grace

Today is the Sabbath and I was pondering all that was said in our Sacrament meeting about Family history, being more than names on little lines that fill a chart. I would really like to see if we could each of us write a memory about The lo' folks we remember. We would be sharing history with eachother. Momma and Papa you could writr about your grands and great grands if you remember them. What a treat to know what it was like when you were a kid. Your neighborhood friends and playing in the street, something about Ketchup and scaring Aunt Marietta...... Does that ring a bell? What about cheerleading at Wilson High Mom??? Anyway I just got to thinking what a great tool this is to keep treasured memories. Come on What about Bluie the Bear stories and the Blanket show... The bear flew over the mt.stories... Don't let em be forgotten. All contributers welcome and I'd like to make a book of stories by Christmas. Send them snail mail or e-mail but send them.
Blind Faith . Do any of us follow the Lord by blind faith?? Pres. Kimballs lesson #13 is so wonderful. I know that in our lives and learning from those around us we have learned that we follow out of great love for the savior and what he has done for us. Examples of faith are all around us and we learn from others taking the step into the dark and watch the heavenly light come on. We then are free to ponder and find out for ourselves if that step is corrrect for us and then follow with faith. There is nothing blind about my faith, and willingness to follow the Prophet. There is proof solidly engraved upon my heart that he is lead by the Savior Himself. I do ask questions and I do receive answers. What a blessing.
love you,Auntie M

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lwlehmer said...

Good luck on your project. Creating a family history is very fulfilling work. You can find lots of tips on how to do it on my blog site. -- Larry Lehmer,