Thursday, July 12, 2007

Allred Pictures

Here is Morgan with Mom (me) in the pool

Morgan has just about zero hair, Here it all is up in a pony tail. She's silly.

Here are my two favorite people saying good morning (Matthew and Morgan)

I thought that some of the fam might enjoy some pictures of the Allred family. I love you guys and enjoy seeing your families as they've grown so much since I've seen you all last.

Love, Maren


Jamie said...

SO cute! Matt must love having TWO little golden haired cuties to love and to love him! You guys are adorable! thanks for sharing!

Misery Loves Company said...

Sweet baby! She looks just like you, Maren! Saras' baby, Kaylee has blue eyes and lighter hair that her boys.Thanks for posting the pics.....miss you.