Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Dear ol' sparky is at the vet having a cracked tooth removed. What a responsibility pets are. Ralph has a very hard time taking our pets to the vet. On the farm if they got sick or injured the just put them down. So It is a great act of love that Ralph took His best buddy to the vet this morning. Sparky is just the best dog. He is the reason that Ralph runs 3x a week and rides the bike the other tree days. He wakes us up with his pleading for attention and love. He sings us to sleep at night with the coyotes. He is there to welcome us home with his slobbery nuzzel. And he has the silkiest ears. My personal favorite part. We will pick him up later this afternoon.
The 4th. Ah, my emotions are so close to the surface this year.. To our military sons and cousins and nephews. To those who every day put their lives on the line for Freedoms sake Thank you. And that seems so inadequate to express the feelings of my heart. I love you, and I pray for you, and I am so grateful, so very grateful. I am noticing that no matter what good press the church gets that there is always some member of the church that says something negative about the church at the end of the article. This kills me. I see that Satan works in all of our lives as we give him access by our very actions. May we all be vigilant . May we all be found with the countenance of Christ. May we have the covenants written upon our hearts and may we be found speaking words that would honor our Father in Heaven and his kingdom on the earth. No bashing of the leadership of the church. We all have our faults and no one needs to bring them to our attention. WE know what they are and are working on them.
So much for being up lifting. I did not mean to get so morose. I love you all and am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. What joy there is in the Atonement and the very thought that we can be forgiven for our mistakes and for the sins of omission. I have Hope!!! Love Auntie M


Misery Loves Company said...

I love you so much....You have such a wonderful way of bringing our attention to what really matters in this life.....you're the best!!!!

michaeledrews said...

Aunt Marti,
You have a very beautiful way of expressing words from your heart. Thanks for being such a great Aunt to me. I love you and wish the best for you and your family.

Jamie said...

Honesty is not morose, dear Auntie, and I appreciate your counsel. I feel the same way about loyalty. I have had questions and doubts about things--events, policies, callings, counsel--but I have never doubted the truthfulness of the gospel or the restor. of the priesthood, so I know that as I study it out in my mind and ask God to teach me, the Holy Ghost eventually comes and confirms the thing I've struggled with. I believe this is a blessing to me for the loyalty I try to show the Lord by witnessing of what I do know and striving to learn what I don't know. My "new thing" is to say to myself (and others) what Nephi said to the angel: I don't know everything, but I know that God loves his children and we'll all be okay in the end. I wish all members of the church had that testimony. :)