Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Old Folks Home

We cannot let the 4th of July go by without telling all of you how grateful we are to have been born in this country and the love we have for those who have served and are now serving this country in the armed forces. We take so much for granted and do not, even a little, appreciate the history and heritage of this great democratic republic that has weathered 211 years of wierdos and ungrateful citizens yapping at its heals. Thank goodness for the restoration and the presence of the Holy Spirit and the influence it has on some of our leaders. And thank goodness for those, throughout history, who have been inspired to write and speak and act on the blessings of the Constitution and the meanings the founding fathers included in that great document. We are twice blessed to know what we know about the restoration and to have the blessing of citizenship in this country. Happy 4th to everyone and our unconditional love for each one of you on this very special day. Gram and Gramp


AuntieM said...

Momma and Papa, Thanks for your post! I am so thankful for the playing of John Phillip Susa marches and the other patriotic music on those Sunday afternoons. I don't remember so much your words about Patriotism but your love of everything good and true has blessed my life. No compromise! Love you! Auntie M

Elrey Family said...

This fourth of July was almost as emotional and fun as Christmas--including the part where I miss my family of origina very much. I remember the first time I felt the Spirit on the fourth of July, and had witness that the words you've said in this post here, Gramp, are true. It was the year they re-dedicated the Statue of Liberty (1987?)and we had a BBQ at your house, Gram & Gramp, and watched the DC & NYC fireworks and concert on the TV. I just felt deeply what it means to be born here and how it led to the restoration and to all that I have now. I know you helped me gain that testimony and I felt it all over again this year, watchign the festivities through the eyes of our exchange students whose country was liberated just 14 years ago. As they watched their first rodeo and fireworls show and roasted their first marshmallows, my heart was swelling! We sat there in the dark with a yard full of beautiful, healthy kids, friends, and family, and I (a) really missed you Elrey people and (b) felt really grateful. "Long may our land be bright with freedom's HOLY light/ Protect us by thy might, Great God, Our King!"

Laura said...

Speaking of The Melin's new house guests, I got to show them how to make their very first smore....EVER. Peter and Zusana said they loved them and that they were very good. Woo hoo for smores....Bringing people together long time! Love you all.