Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Matt Surgery

Just wanted to let everyone know that Matt is out of his surgery and doing fine. (Matt had a septoplasty done this afternoon). He had a little trouble with the morphine which made him sick to his stomach but other than that and a sore shnaz he is fine. Thanks for all the phone calls from family and friends to check on him and visit for a while. We love and miss you all.


Jamie said...

Um, yeah...I like the part where we spent the weekend with you and had no idea that you were having surgery, nor that you were NOT going to the police academy.

Anyway, glad your nose is better. Get that septum in line!

PS: Morphine makes me barf and itch, too. Love, Maj

The Postums said...

it was like the worst itch ever... it was under the skin and i couldn't reach it.... i thought i told you i was having surgery... sorry you didn't know. love ya


Misery Loves Company said...

Yeah, what is up with you not telling your mother???? You know that your phone is horrible and I only can understand about half of what you are telling me, but I know you didn't tell me you were having a nose job...heh,heh! I'm glad you are ok. The morphine is the worst....stoned, bad head ache, and itchy all together, yuk!!
I love you!

Jamie said...

No worries, Matty! I'll just miss you while I'm rollin' down the YELLOWSTONE this weekend! Love you guys!!! XOXOX

sarajayne said...

Not to sound like a Drugie, but when the doctors gave it to me to help with my contractions i loved it. It made the contractions not hurt so much and I was also given phenogren(sp) so I didn't feel sick. And all I did waas sleep.

Jill petersen said...

Hey Sara- Lay off the druggies! J/k!