Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morgan's 1st birthday

Morgan turned 1 on Tuesday! Matthew and I sang Happy Birthday to her 1st thing in the morning. She thought it was the funnest thing. She's starting to dance whenever she hears music, esp at church. It's very cute. She's been walking for a couple weeks now, and is on the go non-stop, her babbling is just as frequent. Morgan and I spent the day by 1st taking Reagan (our dog) out for his walk, and then swimming in Sis. Castle's pool. The rest of the day was filled with a couple naps and party preparations.

(the cake picture is supposed to be here, instead of being the 1st thing you see... but alas, it is not)
We had a good turn out. Mostly family came, with the addition of a couple of friends of ours that are in our ward. The cake decorations were due to Matthew's great talent.

Morgan got more than plenty of very fun presents. She got a couple of toys that make noise (fun for mom, right?) and she got several cute outfits, some balls, toy cars, books, and a cute purse from my mother-in-law that has a debit card, mirror, lipstick, and cell phone, all the things a 1-year-old girl could ever need. It's cute.

Morgan was pretty timid about digging into the cake. She poked at it a little bit, but was much more comfortable with making a mess once we gave her a utensil to do it with. All in all I'd have to guess that she had a good first birthday. We love you Morgan!

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The Hamlin Family said...

what a cute little girl you have. Congrats on the news. I am so happy for you.