Monday, August 20, 2007


I really love the members of the church however they feel that they need to feed you every time you see them. I am not trying t to complain though. I am very grateful. How ever I want all my family to know before I get home that I am much FATTER then when I left. Just so you know I gained 30 lbs which puts me at 225lbs. I know I am a heffer. I think the reason I am telling everyone is because I am very self conscious and I didn't want there to be any surprises. I hope every one still loves me for who I am and not what I look like. You can just look it as there is more to love. Mom you look amazing, Sara you look amazing and that is all that I have recently seen. I hope that alot of the weight will come off when I get back home. Mom and Dad you guys just have to look for a short fat boy in a suite with a name tag coming off the plane and then you will find me. when you read this please past the word, That way no one is surprised. I am sorry i am so insecure about my self. That is how i have always been and hope and pray the lord will give me the strength to overcome that. I love you all and hope you would leave a comment. Take care.


The Hamlin Family said...

oh mike, don't worry. Everyone changes. Noone ever stays the same. We will always love you no matter what you look like. Noone in this family is that supperfical to not love someone just because of the way they look.

Misery Loves Company said...

You didn't say anything when I was a fatty at over 210......I look at pictures from 2002 and 2003 and I can't believe it is me. The weight will come off, you just have to burn more than you eat.....besides there isn't too much fattening food here, we are eating a lot healthier. We tried the "South Beach" diet a couple of years ago, and both lost wieght. We aren't as strict about following it now, but we do eat a lot of salad. It is easy not to eat when it is sooo flippin' hot. You will sweat it off, when you get here....Love ya, and I don't care how you look, it's how you act that matters. hugs, Mom

Jamie said...

Yeah...amen to waht Sara said! If that were true, I would have been disowned a long time ago! Don't feel bad, Mike--I have gained 40 pounds since I had James a year ago--I even weigh more than I did when I was pregnant with a 10-ound baby! Heh, heh! Rich and I just cracked up when you sent us that letter and asked us for diet tips! "Oh, sure! Ask the fattest people in the family--here's a tip: eat less, exercise more. And if you can do that, your'e a better person than me!"

Take it from us, you just have to be an awesome person because no amount of fitness can make a jerk attractive, but loads of coolness can make a chunky monkey super hot! :) Love ya, Mikey! Can't wait to see ya, gut and all!!!

michaeledrews said...

Thank you all for your comments. It is reasuring to me of what unconditional love is. You guys really mean alot to meand appreciate your kind words. To be honest I was loosing sleep from the fact I was so worried of what everyone would think. I love you guys and Mom I can't waite to come home and see you. I look forward to spending alot of time with you. Have a great day!!
Love Elder Michael Drews

The Postums said...

Oh no....we don't use the word "fat" in my family. It's not fat anyway! We refer to it as....relaxed muscle.

Of course we'll still love you silly billy!

Matt and Amie