Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mike is coming home

Mike and his favorite teacher.

Everyone who came to the temple on the day Mike and Amy were sealed to us.Grandpa and Grandma with Mike and Amy.
Elders Lindbergh and Ley. They are the elders that taught Amy and Mike.
Amy and Mike and Abby and Marshall at the Country Estates Pool.

Before we leave to go to the airport to get Mike, I just wanted to say that we are thankful for his service and that he had a successful mission. We are excited to have him home for a while. He is going to Utah and going to BYU in January.

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brent said...

Elder Drews! Welcome home, brother! Thanks for your faithful service spreading the good word! I'm proud of you, and I officially welcome you to Provo.

That is, when you get here. :D