Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cochise Stronghold

The Mayberry Cousins have a campout the weekend before school starts. We go into the Dragoon Mts. at Cochise Stronghold. The Apache Chief, Cochise surrendered to the government at council rock in the Dragoons. It is a great place to camp and there are pitroglyphs( sp ?)to hunt and study. WE love having a great time getting together and having opportunity to share our testimonies and just catch up with everyone.
Ralph and I haad fun meeting with Sam and Elaine, Matt and Lorelynn,and Mom and Dad at Famous Dave's BBQ. It was just nice to be thogether. Even if we ate off a garbage can lid and the light fixtures are buckets. FUN. Just a note of thanks to Brent and Jamie for hosting me on my trip to Ut&Mt. I sure enjoyed seeing everyone and appreciate your loving care.
Love Auntie M

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