Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In the Wee Hours of the Morning...

Here I am at 0115 awake and awaiting the passing of time. I'm at work here in the Willcox Hospital. We've got 7 patients (4 of which are basically nursing home patients). So it's been about a year since I've made a post, which is why I would be a very bad candidate for my own blog, if that makes sense.
In January we moved to Willcox, and had our baby Travis 2 weeks later. At home. The same midwife as the one Lacy used. :). I started working basically one night a week at the end of April. Matthew officially has started his new career as a High School and Middle School teacher. He will be teaching Personal Finance for Seniors, and Career Exploration for 8th graders (he got his Bachelors degree in Accounting). He also is an assistant coach for the football team, so we will be seeing quite a bit less of him from now through October. Go Cowboys!
Morgan will be 2 in a couple weeks. She is quite the jabber, and is getting pretty good at throwing fits and she just adores Travis. She gets pretty excited when he wakes up from his naps, "Travis Awaken!?"
Travis is 6 months old, a little bit underweight right now, but is just the smilin'est kid I've ever seen. He is super ticklish and loves to put his feet in his mouth. We're working on getting him to sit by himself.
We are one happy family. Sorry no pictures. Like I said, I'm at work. Maybe I'll get to that some time soon. :) Love ya'll.


Jamie said...

YAY, Maren! It's great to hear from you. You have a gorgeous family! XOXOXO

brent said...

Hey...sister! I'm super happy you posted. Don't worry about blogging with regularity. We (meaning the entire world) love hearing about you and your family any chance we get. I love you! Say hi to Matthew and Morgan and Travis!