Friday, July 18, 2008

At Mom's!

After hours and hours of driving all night with bloodshot eyes, sleeping babies and teenagers, and a talkative husband all hopped up on Monsters, we made it to Mom's! yay! The funny thing is that, although we've never been to her house, it always feels like coming home where ever she is. It was just what we all needed to hug her and cuddle on her bed for a while when she got home from her Chemo treatment.

She's doing well. She only had half a treatment today cause her white blood cell count was low. She gets another dose of the good stuff on friday. She's sleeping right now and we all just finished dinner and are waiting for Mark to get home. They boys cleaned out their car and ours and Kristen and I snugged down for some movie time and kid play time after dinner. Tomorrow the boys go golfing and Kristen and I have plans to go visit her sister and go to this indoor pool in Portland. I think they'll enjoy it and mom will enjoy a more quiet house for a few hours, as much as she loves having us close by. :)

All in all we are very glad to be here. We've been looking forward to this trip for a while. It's good to see Sam and Kristen and be with Mom and Mark. Should be lots of fun and entertainment and we are already loving it!

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Jamie said...

YAY! I love it!!!! You guys are all so cute and the photo of mom with all y'all is sooooo cute! I am sure she is loving having her BOYZ there (boyz of all sizes) and you awesome sistaz, too. I am so glad you are there for her.