Friday, August 29, 2008

How have the Allreds been?

Well let me tell you....

Morgan just celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday. She's so much fun and very persistant. She's a big fan of movies, milk, and her baby brother Travis. She talks very well and learns loads of things every day.

This is the best I could do with keeping her still for a picture.
Travis is 7 months old, can sit, and got his 1st tooth on Tuesday. He smiles all the time, even when he's not feeling well. He's such a joy to have in our home.
Matthew is teaching at the high school. this is his 1st year. I am mom, and work once a week or so as a nurse at the hospital here. I'd write more, but one of my babies is crying. We love all of you! love, Maren


brent said...

Thanks, Sister! I love love LOVE seeing how your family is doing. Woo hoo! How was Morgan's birthday?

Matthew & Maren Allred Family said...

Morgan's birthday was lots of fun.
We spread things out over 3 days, so she had lots of time to soak it all in. We had a mini party on
Saturday with her Nursery buddies: They played in the backyard and decorated cupcakes. She got a kick out of blowing out the birthday candles. And then yesterday (sept 1) Mom, Dad and Steve came over and she told them ALL about it.