Monday, October 6, 2008


Here we are in Mexico enjoying perfect everything. We are on the balcony looking at the moon's reflection on Cholla Bay. The breeze is pleasent and we are enjoying great conversation with Brent,Maren,Ralph and I.The babies are sleeping and we are ready to turn our selves. We had lunch at Flavio's in Rocky Point and the little girls had so much fun dancing to the music. Fun! Love You So Much. Marti

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Jamie said...

Look at all those Mayberry cuties! You're so lucky, Gramma Marti, to get to be in MAY-HEE-KO with your 6.5-grandbabies in the sunshine...Nana Lyndi would LOVE that (although having almost 24 grandkids at the beach might be a little overwhelming). I love and miss you!