Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleuthing with Lyndi and Marti

This is the house at 905 NE 78th Ave. in Portland

This is through the door, that was locked, because we were too late to get in.....

We found Great Grandpa Charles and Grandma Mary Elreys' house in Portland, we found Charles and Louella in the same cemetary, except they are in a crypt in the back. We looked for their house, and found the street, but the number didn't exist, so there is something not right in the information. We are having the best time ever!!!


brent said...

This is SO cool. Thanks for posting these pictures. Is genealogy the bees knees or what?

AuntieM said...

Ok, Lyndi .I know that you check for comments. Here is what I feel about this wonderful opportunity you and Mark gave me. I had the best time ever! I was so thankful to be able to go and see where Grandpa Art lived and feel a little of why he loved the sea and the woods and the Mts. You are so blessed to be where you are right now. Find all that you can while you are there. Mark, Thanks for working so unbelieveably hard. I really appreciate your ffmiles. Thank you! MEM