Thursday, February 7, 2008

Olympia and Renton

Abby being cool
Water, water, everywhere!!
Our chaperones for the day
Marti and a big driftwood
Tolme State Park, with a beach
This is by the capitol in Olympia, it is taken from Descheutes Rd.
Jimi Hendrix memorial in Greenwood Cemetery

This is the house that Roy and Peggy lived in at some point. 13301 Fairwood St. Renton, Wa.
This is a mossy and ferny tree

This is the capitol building in Olympia, very pretty!
This is honoring the men in the service, with a guardian angel
Peg didn;t die until 2000, but the date isn't on the marker yet.
This is the monument in the center of where they are buried, Holly Garden.
Guess who else is there?....Jimi Hendrix!

Here is the report of the 5th day. We drove to Renton and found Roy and Peg, they are together in Greenwood Cemetery in Renton. We found one house that we had an address for. So here are the pics........We also went to an address in Kent, possibly Susan Elreys' place. We called a number for Robert and were told to call tomorrow for him. So we will. :)


brent said...

Wow! This is amazing stuff. Who are these people? Is Roy a brother to Grandpa Art?

You guys make pretty good detectives! You're like the Hardy Boys, only in mom form! I'm impressed.

Does that make Robert a first cousin to Grandpa Bill?

Jamie said...

The Hardy Boys? Don't forget Nancy Drew!

This is great stuff! I want to find more Elreys!

Yall are so cute...

michaeledrews said...

Hey mom I served for six months there in olympia. It was weird to see those pictures because i have walked those streets and knocked those doors.

AuntieM said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Roy, Charles H. and Florence Elrey Terry are siblings to Grandpa Art. They have a sister,Mable who passed away as a child of 6 or 7 years of age. Roy is married to Florence (Peggy). Charles H. is married to Lue. Florence is married to George Terry. Grandpa Art is Married to Jayne and to Florine. Robert Elrey is Grandpa Bill's first cousin. Robert has a sister named Susan. They are Roy and Peg's. Charles and Lue have one daughter Beverly. These people are harder to find because of all the privacy acts that have been tagged to health care regulations. So Parents keep good records fo sibs and parents. children too. We drove alot of miles to find what we have found. So Fun!!!