Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maren And Matthew's baby boy

Ok high fives to Maren for delivering her son at home on her bed. My little pioneer daughter. The midwife was there 20 minutes before Travis M Allred made his grand entrence to the world. He is beautiful. Maren looked super for having a baby 12 hours earlier. Matt was just grinning. Tired but happy. All is well! Here are the stats: Travis m Allred, 11:25pm.
Jan.25,2008. 6lbs. 14oz 52cm . Willcox,Az. WE are so thankful all went well and that we have a new grandson .

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Misery Loves Company said...

Wow! Maren wins the Mother of the Moment award!!! Good job! Congrats on Little Travis! We love you!