Thursday, January 10, 2008


Going home from Portland, I took a turn, looking for a way to get closer to the river, so I could take somemore pics, and I found this little swamp/pond area with these 3 geese and a whole bunch of mallards and mud hens and some muskrat looking things. Also evidence of the beavers.

Can you see the rainbow? I was on the bridge, driving home from the cemetary, and got this shot out the passenger side window(I know, I don't win the safe driver award today:)

This how the sky looked in Portland, after the tornado in Vancouver. It was really pretty and "partly sunny":)
These are the flowers I got. I wish there was a holder or vase, it would look better.

This the after the scrub.
This the before, all green and fuzzy.
I went back to the cemetary today, and scrubbed off the head stone and pulled the little sprigs of grass that were starting to poke through the cracks. I took some flowers too. There isn't a vase or holder on the headstone, so I just sat them in front of it. It looks better. I hope they know we love them!
Hey, we had a tornado today, about 8 miles away in Hazel Dell, Marks store was in the path. Lots of hail and roof and tree is so weird, it didn't even rain here. (I thought we got away from that....yesterday there was an earthquake in the ocean 250 miles from Eugene. Now I know why there is a Tsunami evac sign at Cannon Beach......sheesh!

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Jamie said...

Those Tsunami signs were so funny! You should take a photo of one and post it--the poor little stick man running up the hill, away from the big beach waves! I'm telling you, the rocky mountains/ "everlasting hills" are the place to be!

...well, until that Yellowstone caldera becomes an active volcano again and we're all gonners!