Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We bought a house

We got the house Mark put an offer in os last Thursday night before he came home on Friday. We got word yesterday that they excepted our offer. (yeah! i think....I haven't seen it...I had an audio tour with the realtor while she was waiting for Mark to get there. She was great, she told me all the room colors, how many shelves in the storage areas, what kind of plants are in the yard etc.) It is a foreclosure, but it is cute in the pictures.....we have to have the whole house painted and the carpet taken out and new stuff put in, before we move in) The timetable is looking like we will leave here on the 10th of Nov. with our stuff getting there on the 15 or 16th. Yeah, I know...Happy Thanksgiving.......I think we'll not be cooking dinner!

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