Monday, October 15, 2007

Mike Week

This past week we had Mike come up and visit. Hip Hip Hurray! We had such a good time! Most of the activities we did, Amie posted on our family home page so I'll let you check out the pics and funny stories there in your spare time. These are just a few pics from Mike and I building the bathroom and going out to Amie's work to celebrate Mike's birthday early since he wouldn't be here on the actual day.

Amie and I have been so impressed with seeing Mike this visit. He is different. In a very good way. He is grown up I guess which sounds kinda funny to say since thats what naturally happens with most normal people and time. Mike has matured by leaps and bounds though. He was a very well rounded pleasent person before he left for his mission but he carries himself with a different sense of self confidance and direction now. You can tell that he knows where he is going and what he wants out of life. He helped magnify the Sprit in our home and we realized again how much we really enjoy his company.

The next morning after Mike left, Amie and I were eating breakfast and the first conversation of the day went something like this:

Matt: "Will you pass the salt?"
Amie: "Yup, here ya go."
Matt: "....I miss Mike."
Amie: "Me too honey... me to."

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