Monday, October 1, 2007

The Mac Grill

Most of you know that I started training at Macaroni Grill a while back. My first week went alright. The only thing I don’t like is having to share my nights with all my coworkers and not with Matt and the boys. It really didn’t bother me THAT much until I invited Matt and the boys, Laura, Darrin, Gabe and Jared to come into the restaurant for our first opening days (which you could only come to by invitation only). It was fun. Matt brought me flowers and I got to show off my handsome husband and 2 adorable kids to all my coworkers.

They hired me as a waitress and a singer so I get to run food all night and stop every once in a while and sing people songs in Italian. I told my manager though that the very first song I sung in the restaurant would be to my husband. They gave me permission to bring in my guitar and I sung part of an Andrea Brocelli song. It was surprisingly romantic despite the noisy kitchen in the background and the clanging of plates and silverware. As the night went on though I found myself getting more and more frustrated that I was too busy to go spend time with my family. I wanted to be sitting WITH them enjoying their company, not stopping by for 2 second intervals. I came home bawling that night cause I missed them so much. I spent a good while in Jake and Sam’s room rocking them while they slept and the rest of it snuggling with Matt. We decided that it wasn’t a good idea for them to come into the restaurant while I was working but we could go in together when I wasn’t on. As long as I don’t have to see what I’m missing while I’m working then I really enjoy being there. It’s nice to get time out of the house and enjoy adult conversation and make some extra money. It's a great diet plan too by the way. If anybody wants to lose a waitress! You spend so much of the night looking at dinners that by the time you eat, you are repulsed by food. Plus it's extremely high paced so you are constantly moving.

I start week two today and we’ll see how that goes. I wrote about one of my first week horror stories on my page ( and would love to hear some work horror stories of your own on there too!

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