Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's that you say?

Dad has a bright idea! teehee!

Things have detiorated here....we're so bored we've taken to using the ear candles to entertain ourselves! Seriously, we went out to breakfast after the kids went to school, and then went to Mike's Drugs and bought ear candles. Mom and Dad have never used them before....it was fun to see their reaction to the goo that came out of their (previously believed to be clean) ears. They are anxious to get home to the warm dry desert......They have had enough of the cold and rain......I will miss them terribly, we have had a wonderful time together.

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Jamie said...

How cute is Grandpa, all squished up and grinning under the ear candle? That is so funny! It was fun to chat tonight--we wish we were all together, eating apple dumplings! ;) Have a great trip home, G&G, and mom, hang in there! Only a couple of weeks til we all party down in UTAH, yo!!! ;)