Thursday, March 6, 2008

The best day ever!

The Lewis and Clark valley from the cemetery
Gramp and Abby and that beautiful old tree
The falls on the Youngs River
The Pier at Astoria
This Carl Fredricks marker
These are children, one only lived one day and the other was 14

Gramp and Marshall playing "One eyed Willy"
Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock and the little geeks
The beach at Seaside

Today we went to Cannon Beach, Seaside and Astoria. We founf the Lewis and Clark Cemetery and some of the Harders. We found the Falls on Youngs River, and the Lewis and Clark Valley where the Harder farm was, we have to go back to find the farm, but we know the general area. It was just such a rush to find them! Dad was excited too. Here are pics from today.


brent said...

Amazing amazing amazing! What a rush that must be to find our ancestors! Those pictures are fantastic.

Jamie said...

That is so great!!! I am so glad Gram and Gramp got to make that trip! The beach pictures look so great...isn't it a wonderful place? I love to imagine what it was like for those Oregon Pioneers, to ahve traveled "from sea to shining sea" and to find that pristine coast and the farmlands, mountains, and forests...JACKPOT! Those cemetery pix make me want to make headstone rubbings!