Sunday, June 21, 2009


That would be me. I have found myself caught up in a world in which I can not escape. It isn't a very lovely place and I just keep hoping and believing that I can rise above the monster holding literaly on to my leg.I apologize for not posting the pictures of Alaska and our fun journey from Fairbanks to Vancouver. I have to let you know that it was the best thing I have gotten to do in very long time.Thanks to my sweetie for making this happen. Dad and Mom you guys Rock. You were patient and adventureous. Seeing the whales and the Bears,eagles and carabou was so amazing. Most amazing thing was being with the ones I love and seeing things through their eyes. Skagway :D just fun! Love you all. Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Fathers out there. Hugs Papa. Know that you are deeply loved. Marti

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