Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Lovies!

Thanks to all you beloved Elreys/Mayberrys for making our holiday simply joyful! We love you all so much and wish for tons more time together and way fewer miles between...
We stand all amazed at the wonderful people growing from our family tree, and the wonderful parents our sibs and cousins have become.
We wish each of you best blessings in 2009!
Love, The Melins
The reason for the season...
Robby, James, Ryrley, Addie, Ben, and Heidi

Ben, Morgan, Travis, Penelope, Addie, Ryley, Livi, James, and Heidi
What a bunch of cuties!

Merry Christmas, Papa Bill!

Merry Christmas, Nana Lyn!

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